Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Configure MMA agent for multiple VM’s in Azure - An Easiest Way 


This article states how to setup MMA agent earlier known as OMS agent or Log analytics Agent  to multiple vm’s through portal.
Prior to this please go through to this which is about how to create log analytics workspace.


The following must be present for this solution:
1.     You should have Log analytics workspace already configured in your Azure subscription.
2.      For the MMA, an internet access must be there
3.      The MMA supports Windows Server 2008 SP1, Windows 7 SP1, and later.
4.      You can install the MMA on physical or virtual machines, but not Azure virtual machines — these     are connected via the Azure Portal.

Create Log analytics workspace

Once you are done with creation of LAW, go to that and find an option virtual machines as you can see in an image LA.jpg below marked as RED

Connect existing virtual machine with workspace

In order to install the MMA agent , click on virtual machine property and choose your desire virtual machines to install MMA in a one go. I do have only one windows based virtual machine , in you case you may have more .Kindly refer an image install-mma-on-vm.jpg below

There can be few more virtual machines

You can select multiple machine from here also and these can be Windows and Linux based machine.
Once you click in that click on connect in order to install/configure MMA as depicted below in image connect-vm.jpg
Click on the connect button, Same way you have to do for other virtual machine

As soon as you click on connect a new message appears as “Connecting VM to Log Analytics. Please check back later for status update”. It should not take more than 4 mins.
After Successfully connected to  VM, it changes a status and shows as below screenshot connected-to-vm.jpg

Once it succeeds than go to virtual machine which you have create and follow the below steps to confirm weather MMA agent got installed or not.

Once setup is finished than go to you server and open control panel Microsoft Monitoring agent must persist there as appears in below image mma-control-panel.jpg

Click on that and it will open the following windows which confirms that The Microsoft Monitoring Agent has successfully connected to the log analytics service as shown in image installation-succeeded.jpg

Microsoft Monitoring agent is connected to Log Analytics Workspace
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2.       Enable Windows and Linux performance counter from azure portal.


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