Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Create and Share Metrics Dashboard in Azure

Create and Share Metrics Dashboard in Azure

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You can create & share Azure Portal dashboard to other users or group with having access to the same Azure Subscription. Azure allows you to create  your required dashboards such as metrics for azure service & Azure service health dashboard, or any other Azure services monitoring dashboard , so that we could keep track of what is happening in our services . you can share dashboard with other in case they need same. In this post let’s have a quick look at how we can share a dashboard and give necessary access to users.
Create Azure Portal Dashboard
To understand how can we create a new, private dashboard and assign a name. Follow these steps to get started:
1.    Sign in to the Azure portal.
2.    Select Dashboard from the upper section of the left sidebar. Your default view might already be set to dashboard.
3.    Select + New dashboard.

For my demo I have AppService which is up and running and here I’ll be creating a dashboard to monitor an AppService running status.

Kindly go to AppService and find “metrics” there as depicted in given below screenshot app-metrics

From the metric dropdown I have selected CPU runtime to see the CPU utilization of an application and click on pin to dashboard.
Once you click on “Pin to dashboard”  there will be an another option “select another dashboard” to pin it. As shown in below screen shot select-another-dashboard.

 Once you click on that a new window will appear on the right , fill the required details to create new dashboard within the subscription , you can choose another subscription as per your need and click apply. After few seconds dashboard will have created and a link will be there at bottom of screen to jump directly to dashboard
Refer a screen shot depicted below : create-new-dashboard.

After clicking on Monitor AppService , it will open the dashboard ,where you should be able to see the CPU metrics board, point to notice is it has shared already once you create that, you will be able to see the Unshare button on top of the screen.  as shown in image below : unshare-dashboard

The same way you can create few more metrics into existing dashboard.
You can also see all dashboard from the search as well by typing shared dashboard ,it will show you each shared dashboard within subscription.
Refer- shared-dashboard

I wish it will help you to create Shared Dashboard, in coming Article will explain you how can we place RBAC policy on dashboard.


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