Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Register A Chat Bot Using MS Bot Framework

Recently, I created a Chabot for a purpose which I wanted to register within. After an implementation of Bot using MS Bot framework, it should be registered with

These are a few steps which may help you to register and ready to use.

Step 1
Go to You will have the following section there as given in the below screenshot.

Step 2
Click on "My Bots" and further, click on "Create a bot".

Chat Bot

Step 3
Click on "Create" button as shown in given image and the following window will appear.
Chat Bot

Step 4
Choose the first option from the given screen and click OK.
Chat Bot

Step 5
As soon as you create click ok, it generates AppId which might be essential at down the level during accessing the Bot which you have created.
Chat Bot

Step 6
Click on "Generate an app password" to continue.

Kindly save this password in Notepad for future purpose.

Chat Bot
Chat Bot

Step 7:
After performing all the above steps, it is time to set configuration as given below.
Chat Bot

It may prompt you to keep https instead of http,
Chat Bot
Step 8

Once you are done, click on register and it will prompt to as Bot created in the given screenshot.
Chat Bot

Step 9
As soon as you have created and registered your Bot, click on the recently registered Bot as depicted below in the screenshot.

Chat Bot

It will take you to the next level which advises you to test your Bot.
Chat Bot
Step 10

Click on the Test button showing in right top corner. Click on that. It will prompt you another window and put "hi" in the chat window. As soon as you type something, it starts responding you which confirms that Bot has been register successfully.
Chat Bot


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