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Cannot drop the database because it is being used for replication.

I have confronted an error during replication from one server to another in SQL server 2008 R2.I confronted this error when I was disabling publishing and distribution as depicted below in image :



This error generally occurs when you have deleted the publisher database and due to some cause it didn’t delete from masters database.Though best practice is always “Disable publishing and Distribution”.

The workaround of this problem is : Create a database with same name and  another server or instance . Take back up  of the same and forced restore over this database.




Press Ok.

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ITIL Incident Support Process Management

ITIL Incident Support Process Management

Define incident management

Incident can be defined as an event which needs to be resolved immediately or based on the priority.

Incident management is an important component of ITIL service support. The most important focus for the incident management is to restore normal service operations as early as possible with minimum possible impact on the business or respective users. Its objective is to return to a normal service level defined in the Service Level Agreement (SLA) as quickly as possible.

In Incident management service desk act as first contact point and line of support. It’s the responsibility of the service desk to actively route the incidents to the other level experts.

Incident Management Process Activities




Event and Detect

An event isn’t a part of regular or standard service operation and it causes interruption or reduction in service quality. Users of the IT application for which support is provided are the first one to detect the deviations.


The service desk will be responsible for recording all the incidents. Users will provide all the information related to the incident to the service desk.

Investigation and Diagnose

The service desk will investigate/diagnose the incident and analyze all related information. If immediate solution is not available with the service desk then need to assign the incident to the required experts.


In incident management to ensure incidents handled speedily, two systems which are available are Service Level Agreements and Inactivity monitors.


In incident management process the final stage is Resolution and Recovery. The main activity includes resolving the incident with solutions or help from the previous solutions. For some solutions a Request for Change (RFC) need to be submitted.  

Product Support Process Flow with JIRA



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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Learn JQuery step by step

Learn JQuery step by step

An idea to write an article “Learn JQuery step by step” with  you all who keen to learn JQuery.
I tried to cover all JQuery key factors which are being use in daily practice with LIVE examples.
I have also attached an application so that you can read and  practice side by side.


Please share your inputs and thoughts so that I could write more about this.

Kindly download PowerPoint Presentation from here:

Learn JQuery Step By Step

Kindly click to download source code shown below:

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