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Setup Microsoft monitoring agent on Virtual machine in Azure


This article states you about installation and configuration of  MMA agent earlier known as OMS agent or Log analytics Agent also
Prior to this please go through to this which is about how to create log analytics workspace.


Why do we need MMA?

In order to send all information about virtual machines and other compute resources require an agent like Microsoft monitoring agent to collect monitoring data to measure the performance , event logs ,file based logs , insights and solutions and availability of their guest operating system and workload.
You can install Microsoft monitoring agent (MMA) on Azure based machine, OnPrem and other cloud as well.

Log Analytics agent

The Log Analytics agent collects monitoring information or data from the guest operating system and workloads of virtual machines in Azure, other cloud providers, and on-premises. It also gathers data into a Log Analytics workspace. An MMA agent also used by System Center Operations Manager(SCOM), and you can configure MMA agent for Multihome purpose like you can use an agent to configure with Four workspace.
The Log Analytics agent for Windows is often referred to as Microsoft Monitoring Agent (MMA). The Log Analytics agent for Linux is often referred to as OMS agent.


The following must be present for this solution:
1.     You should have Log analytics workspace already configured in your Azure subscription.
2.     For the MMA, an internet access must be there
3.     The MMS supports Windows Server 2008 SP1, Windows 7 SP1, and later.
4.     You can install the MMA on physical or virtual machines, but not Azure virtual machines — these are connected via the Azure Portal.

Download the Microsoft Monitoring Agent (MMA)

You can download the agent from the Log Analytics (OMS) workspace in the Azure Portal:
1.     Open and go to Log analytics workspace.
2.     Click the advanced settings, and browse to Connected Sources.
3.     Click Windows Servers  and Download Windows Agent (64 bit)
4.     Choose either the 64-bit or 32-bit download depending on the machines you want to monitor. Create a document or a notepad file to save some important information. Store this document securely.
5.     In the workspace, there is a copy button to the right of Workspace ID. Click this button to save the Workspace ID. Save this to your document for later reuse.
6.     Click the copy button for Primary Key and save this to your document for later reuse.

Manually Install the Agent

In order to install the MMA agent , click on download windows agent as I have windows on prem machine. Kindly refer an image download-mma.jpg below

                                                          Download  Windows or Linux agent                                           

Copy the Workspace ID and Primary Key from the portal, We’ll be using in upcoming steps
Now click on the downloaded agent , a wizard will open and

          Run Setup to install the agent.

  1.       On the Welcome page, click Next.
  2.          On the License Terms page, read the license and then click I Agree.
  3.          On the Destination Folder page, change or keep the default installation folder and then click Next.
  4.          On the Agent Setup Options page, choose the Connect the agent to Azure Log Analytics       (OMS) option. Click Next.
Refer an image appears below mma-setup.jpg

6.       Copy the Workspace ID and Primary Key from the portal into the Workspace ID and the Workspace Key fields of the MMA installer.

7.      Note the Advanced button, where you can configure a proxy connection, including username and       password, if required.
8      Finish the wizard.

Once MMA gets connect with LA workspace it’ll start sending all telemetry to LA workspace ,which you can query through KUSTO query.

Once setup is finished than go to you server and open control panel Microsoft Monitoring agent must persist there as appears in below image mma-control-panel.jpg

Click on that and it will open the following windows which confirms that The Microsoft Monitoring Agent has successfully connected to the log analytics service as shown in image installation-succeeded.jpg

In upcoming article will share you
1     How can we write Kusto query.
2.       Connect multiple Azure Virtual machine with LA workspace from portal only.
3.       Enable Windows and Linux performance counter from azure portal.


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