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Delete an Azure Backup Recovery Services vault through ARM Portal

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This article states deletion of a Microsoft Azure Backup Recovery Services (MARS) vault. There are various minute things that can be considerable while removing dependencies and then deleting a vault.
Point of Consideration :
When I thought to delete a vault using ARM Portal , it didn’t allow me and prompted an error message as appears below
Vault cannot be deleted as there are existing resources within the vault. :  VMProd Unregistered all containers from the vault and the vault and then retry to delete.

image deletion_error.jpg

There is a reason behind if we get such message when delete Recovery Service vault, because it will have dependency on it or any workload will be attached to it
To delete the backup data, perform the following steps:

1.      From the portal, go to Recovery Services vault, and then go to Backup items. Then, find a table named as Backup management type and choose the items from list as mentioned in image below management-type.jpg

As you can see above there is one virtual machine which is already linked with MARS.
Click on Azure Virtual machine , it will open a new window

In order to delete vault we have to first stop backup already taken and later delete backup , as following screen appears  and click on stop back and after few seconds delete backup data.
Once you perform all above action it reaches to backup disabled state as you can see in last backup status in below image as well. After this you should be able to delete entire service vault probably after 14 days

 Hope this article will assist you to perform deletion of Service vault

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