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What is Azure Backup Recovery Services in Azure - AZ-103

Azure Recovery Service Vault
Whenever you work on a virtual machine having workload on that, we may be bit concerned about its chance of loss. To mitigate chances of losing data Azure provides Azure recovery service vault.

Azure recovery service vault a very well know resource exist in Azure which can help to take backup of different resource either exists on IaaS (Azure) or On-premises or File recovery.

A following article helps you to understand the  features of a Recovery Services vault. A Recovery Services vault is a storage entity in Azure that keeps data and ensure in case of failure it will help to revive. The data is typically different forms of data, or configuration information for virtual machines (VMs), workloads, servers, or workstations. You can use Recovery Services vaults to hold backup data for various Azure services such as IaaS VMs (Linux or Windows) and Azure SQL databases.
Within an Azure subscription, you can create up to 500 Recovery Services vaults per subscription per region.

NOTE: Earlier it used to be a Backup vaults in 2017 , after that all backup vaults have been upgraded to Recovery Services vaults.
Recovery Services vaults are entirely based on the ARM model of Azure, whereas Backup vaults were created on the ASM model (Azure Service Manager). There is no data loss if you upgrade a Backup vault to a Recovery Services vault,. Recovery Services vaults provide features not available for Backup vaults, These are few well know capabilities of Azure Recovery Service Vault which are listed here

Reference :

1    1.Enhanced capabilities to help secure backup data:
2.Central monitoring for your hybrid IT environment: With Recovery Services vaults, you can               monitor  not only your Azure IaaS VMs but also your on-premises assets from a central portal.
3.Protect all configurations of Azure Virtual Machines
4.Instant restore for IaaS VMs

How to Create :

Recovery Services vaults can be created easily through portal. Open azure portal and in search just type Recovery Services vaults.
Once you click on the recovery service vaults it opens a following screen and allows you create recovery service vault. Refer an image recoveryvault.jpg.


Click on Add and a following window will appear refer create-recovery-service-vault.jpg

Once you click on Review and create button it creates recovery Service vault in you subscription and later will be ready to use . refer an image rs-name-jpg

What can you take as Backup:
·         On-premises – you can back up  files, folders, system state using the Microsoft Azure Recovery Services (MARS) agent.
·         Azure VMs - You can also take backup of virtual machines wither its Windows/Linux exists on Azure cloud as backup with the help of already present backup option in Azure VMs
·         SAP HANA databases in Azure VMs - Backup SAP HANA databases running on Azure VMs
·         SQL Server in Azure VMs - Back up SQL Server databases running on Azure VMs
·         Azure Files shares - Back up and restore Azure File shares to storage account

Given below image elaborates high level view for of how does Azure Backup Service works.

Refer an image hld.jpg high level overview of Recovery Service vault

In next article we will see how can we take a backup of Azure Virtual machines residing on Azure Cloud.

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