Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Virtual Machine Scale Set

Understand Virtual Machine Scale Set

There are some key points which should remember while you work on VM Scale Set. Few of them are listed below and i believe that will be essential to remember of consider AZ-103 certification in mind.

1.All the virtual machine behind the VM Scale Set loadbalancer doesn't have network interface card
attached to them so this is the reason they don't have Public  IP address.
2. IN case of virtual machine you have to decide which virtual machine you want to provision and delete though in case of VMSS it manages by its own.
It means it creates automatically and deleted automatically.

NOTE: Each time when you provision a new VM under VM scale set it allocates a new instanceId to each virtual machine. for e.g.
There are 3 virtual machines VM1 ,VM2 and VM 3 than it may have instanceId like ID1,ID2 and
ID3 respectively. Now if any virtual machine deletes in VMSS than the last provisioned instance will be deleted first , in our example its VM3.


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