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Restore Virtual Machines using Recovery Service Vault (AZ-103)

Azure Recovery Service Vault

After taking backup of virtual machine its time to restore this from existing restore point.

Restore point : Restore point  backup means a recovery point has all required data to restore the backup copy. Azure Backup has a limit of 9999 recovery points per protected instance.
Restore point states about the various backup point taken in past so that virtual machine or file recovery could be done.
Go to Recovery Service vault - > backup Items -> choose the virtual machine from there to restore -> click on the Restore VM
Kindly follow the below screenshot for reference mutil-step.jpg

Restore VM 🔺

 Click on the backup , it open a following window with the following information.
1.       Choose backup policy : Backup policy specifies frequency and time at which vm  will be backed up   and for how long it will be retained .You can create new policy or use default policy. In my case I     have opted default policy
2.       Backup Frequency: Daily at  11:00 PM UTC.
3.       Instant restore : Retain instant recovery snapshot for 2 days.
4.       Retention Range: Retain backup taken every day at 11:00 PM for 30 Day(s).

You can also refer an image backup-policy.jpg  shown below and click on ok .

Backup Policy

Once you click on Ok with default policy it takes you to next level to take items to backup. You should be able to see the list of Virtual  machines which exist in same region as service vault to take backup further. 

As soon as you click on ok, it starts taking backup generally it takes few mins to take backup of virtual machine and after successful deployment it updates the table in backup items in Service recovery vault as shown in image backup-items.jpg

Backup management type
Backup Items

Click on Azure virtual machine , It opens a new screen and shows a last backup status  with pending You have to click again on the Virtual machine record to take backup right now.

Image : backup-now.jpg
An given below image is self explanatory like backup pre-check as passed however  with initial status pending. Click on backup and provide the date till you want to keep backup

Backup Now

After successful backup  of virtual machine it shows and update last backup status as successful. It also states you about consistency level while taking backup
In general these are described as follows

Application Consistency : This is one of the potential and consistent if you have Microsoft workload and it also ensures following parameters

1 . No data loss
2. No Corruption
3. Ensure VM boots
4. The data is consistent to the application that uses the data, by involving the application at the time of backup--using VSS.

Crash consistency: This  snapshots generally occurs when VM shuts down while taking backup  and only keeps the data that already exists on the disk at the time of backup is captured and backup.

For more details you can take a look of these links

 Refer following screenshot for reference last-backup-status.jpg

Yes, You are done. Virtual machine should have restored.
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