Thursday, November 14, 2019

Install Terraform Extension in VS Code for Azure

Install Terraform Extension in VS Code for Azure

In the previous article we have gone through with how to install and configure Terraform for azure. 
Now within this article I’ll be focusing how can we increase productivity after installing certain terraform extension in VSCode.
Step1. Install VSCode from the provided link
Step2: After installing VSCode , open that and search for extension option exist on the left side of screen as depicted below  refer image extension.jpg
VSCode Extension

Once you click on that in search bar type “Terraform”, you will get enough extensions and few of them which I used for my purpose are mentioned below:
Step3: Azure Terraform: The VSCode Azure Terraform extension is designed to increase developer productivity authoring, testing and using Terraform with Azure. The extension provides terraform command support, resource graph visualization and CloudShell integration inside VSCode.
Which allows you to execute following command from VSCode terminal as shown below in screenshot : Refer azure-terraform.jpg
Azure Terraform
Step4:Terraform: Syntax highlighting, linting, formatting, and validation for Hashicorp's Terraform.

Step5:Terraform: its by Anton Kulikov ,This is visual studio code extension ,adds syntax support for the terraform configuration language.

Once you have installed all of them and see the structure of your files it will have pretty impressive icon on the left side and intellisense will start working as shown below in screen shots.
Refer an images  icon.jpg and intellisense.jpg respectively.

I believe an article will help you to start with terraform with VSCode.
In the upcoming article we’ll learn how can we create Service Principal in Azure to start with Terraform authentication.


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