Friday, July 3, 2015

AngularJS - Basic Application Life Cycle

AngularJS - Basic Application Life Cycle

In the article I will tell you how to work on AngularJS.
I’ve designed a program in which you will get familiar with few words which you may be confronting in coming days. Those keywords are shown  in the following article::
Component of Angular Description

I’ve created an html page as View and named it BasicAngularApp.html, which keeps r ference of an Angular.min.js file. You can download and add to you solution as well.
As a newbie to AngularJS, you must be familiar with few main keywords which you will be using in an application:
  • ng-app: This directive ng-app tells that this element is the "owner" of an AngularJS application.
  • ng-model: This directive ng-model binds the value of the input field to the application variable firstName.
  • ng-bind: This directive ng-bind binds the innerHTML of the specific element to the application variable firstName.

  • element to the application
      1: <!DOCTYPE html>  
      2: <html>  
      3:     <head>  
      4:         <title></title>  
      5:         <script src=""></script>  
      6:         <script type="text/javascript" src="main1.js"></script>  
      7:         <script></script>  
      8:     </head>  
      9:     <body ng-app="myApp">  
     10:         <div ng-controller="Myctrl">  
     11:             <strong>First name:</strong> {{firstName}}  
     13:             <strong>Last name:</strong>  
     14:             <span ng-bind="lastName"></span>  
     15:             <strong>{{ CompDetails() }} </strong>  
     16:             <input type="text" ng-model="firstName"></input>  
     17:             <input type="text" ng-model="lastName"></input>  
     18:         </div>  
     19:     </body>  
     20: </html>  
In the code segment shown above, there is <strong>{{ CompDetails() }} <br /><br />. This code calls function CompDetails defined in controller Myctrl. As soon as this line executes it goes to the controller and performs the required actions.
Please refer the following image:
Code segment for main1.js

  1: var app = angular.module('myApp', []);  
  3: app.controller('Myctrl', function($scope,$rootScope) {  
  4:     debugger;  
  5:     $scope.firstName = "Sachin Kalia";  
  6:     $scope.lastName = "";  
  9:     $rootScope.testProp="sachin";  
 10:     $rootScope.CompDetail = function CompDetail()  
 11:     {  
 12:          alert('INSIDE THIS');  
 13:     };  
 15:    $rootScope.CompDetail2 = function CompDetail2(data)  
 16:      {        
 17:         alert(data + " I am called from Controller's RootScope(Global) method name CompDetail2");// + $;
 18: return "I am called from Controller1 RootScope(Global) method name CompDetail2;"
 20:      };  
 22:      $scope.CompDetails = function CompDetails()  
 23:      {  
 24: return "Welcome to " + $scope.firstName + " "  + $scope.lastName;  
 26:      };  
 27: });  

As soon as you run BasicAngularApp.html it shows you result as shown in the following pic:
If you notice the image, it has main1.js shown above, we’ve set some value to $scope.firstName and $scope.lastName which is returned by the function at the bottom of main.js file. Scope is the glue between application controller and the view, and somewhere it shows two ways binding (my understanding). As soon as you change the value of input type it updates the application data and for the same reason CompDetails function returns updated value. Kindly have a look on the Life cycle of Basic application as depicted in the following image:
Basic Angular App

You can download sample application from here AngularJS - Basic Application Life Cycle
Hope it’ll help you some day.
Enjoy MVC and Routing.
Kindly inform me if you faced any query


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